EYES TO THE SKIES See Comet Neowise at its closest point this week – before it vanishes for 7,000 YEARS

STARGAZERS in the northern hemisphere are in for a treat this week as there’s a chance to spot Comet Neowise with the naked eye.

The comet is currently heading past Earth and is set to reach its closest point on July 23.

There’s a chance to see Neowise at the moment just before sunrise and after sunset.

The comet is heading westwards away from the bright star Capella.

Neowise was only discovered by Nasa in March.

It will come as close as 103 million km away.

That’s about four times further away than the Moon is.

People have reported seeing Neowise with the naked eye but binoculars will still be very useful.

It’s visible from mid-northern latitudes, including the UK and the US.

However, once it’s flown past it will head for a loop around the Sun and isn’t thought to be coming back again for around 7,000 years.

Neowise is heading into the Lynx constellation and should be visible all night.

There are many smartphone apps that can point you in the right direction of constellations in the sky.

It has been rising higher in the sky as the month has gone on.

If you’re having trouble spotting it, look for its tail of ice.

That’s millions of miles of vapour and ice burning off the comet.

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