SKY EYE Starlink satellites tracker UK: Where are Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellites right now?

STARGAZERS have another chance to witness a swarm fo satellites passing over Britain this evening.

The «Starink» satellites are operated by SpaceX, a company that hopes to one day beam Wi-Fi to people from space — and we’ve got all the tips you need to spot them on Friday night.

The space tech is pretty easy to spot on a clear evening, as it’s currently in a low orbit, making it brighter than most of the surrounding stars and planets.

However, it’s not always clear where you’re supposed to look.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide to help you catch the next display, which is scheduled for 8:58pm BST on Friday.

You should only need a smartphone to spot them, as the satellites are so bright they can be seen without binoculars or a telescope.

How to track Starlink satellites in real-time
There are a number of stargazing apps you can use to follow groups, or «trains», of Starlink satellites as they pass over the UK.

But first you’ll need to know roughly what time the space tech will appear.

Your best bet is the Find Starlink website, which shows you the timings of all upcoming Starlink displays in your area.

Simply visit Find Starlink (or the “Find Starlink Satellites” app) and enter your location.

Once you’re outside, you may need an app to guide your eyes to the right spot.

On the Apple App Store, we’d recommend Night Sky, which is free and helps you find all kinds of celestial wonders.

For Android fans, Satellite Tracker should do the trick (it’s also available on iPhone).


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