EXTRA-INTELLECTUAL Aliens likely to have a brain the size of a planet compared with us, leading UFO-hunter says

ALIENS are likely to have a brain the size of a planet compared with us, a leading UFO-hunter says.

The first aliens will have been around billions of years longer than humans, according to Dr Andrew Siemion, who is leading the search for ET-like creatures, and are likely to be extremely intelligent and more advanced than humans.

And he warned they will “undoubtedly” be more clever than humans, with technology that makes our gadgets look Stone Aged.

They may be floating around in something like the Star Wars’ Death Star that makes our technology look Stone Age, he claims.

Dr Siemion told a conference he believes aliens exist.

He added: “Our solar system is 4.7billion years old and the ­universe is 13.5billion years old.

“So, surely the first civilisation that we encounter are likely to have had technology far longer than we have, and would be much more technologically sophisticated.”

Dr Siemion, of the University of California, has launched a project using a huge telescope in New Mexico to hunt for little green men.

He expects an enormous telescope in New Mexico to find evidence of intelligent beings before others find so much as a simple bacteria.

And this is likely to be in the form of a radio signal from a distant civilisation, emitted as they search for us or as part of their daily life.

His team, which also includes people from the SETI Institute, will tune in to tens of billions of signals above our heads.

They will filter out the «noise» — signals from Earth and other known sources — and try to isolate signals of interest.

The process will allow them to explore a larger area than other teams who search for telltale chemicals around a planet.


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