ALIEN RIDDLE USS Nimitz UFO may have opened up a black hole to escape to the far reaches of the universe, Navy vet claims

A US Navy veteran has claimed the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) that was spotted by pilots from the USS Nimitz may have opened up a black hole to travel as fast as it did.

Gary Voorhis was a computer technician on the USS Princeton in November 2004 when a strange “tic-tac-shaped” object was spotted off the coast of San Diego.

Several jets flew out and discovered the mysterious craft plummeting from 28,000ft to just above sea level in less than a second.

The incident has become one of the most explosive UFO sightings of all time and it has still not been explained.

Petty Officer Gary was amazed by the acceleration of the craft and started looking into how anything could survive such levels of G-force but he thinks he may have figured it out.

Appearing on Podcast UFO with Martin Willis, he explained the theory of quantum entanglement

“It’s the thought that everything is connected at some point in the universe,” he said.

“And so, using that, you can technically open up a black hole, a stable wormhole.

And basically move from point to point at any speed anywhere.

“It’s not restricted to distance – you can do it in small jumps, you can do it in big jumps.

“So I’ve been toying with the numbers to see if that’s possible.”

The footage was leaked to the New York Times in 2017 and continues to raise new mysteries.

Commander David Fravor – one of the original US Navy pilots who witnessed the tic-tac UFO – recently suggested there were tapes of the encounter “missing”.

That claim appeared to be backed up by Petty Officer Jason Turner , who said the longer video showed that the UFO “had legs”.

And Kevin Day – a former Topgun air intercept controller who was responsible for directing Fravor to intercept the UFO – also recently said that the UFOs had always been there.


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