SPACE INVADERS UK’s alien hotspots revealed as Bristol and Hull make top 10 list for UFO sightings

BRITAIN’S top spots for UFO sightings have been revealed by a new report.

It found London was the city where most of the UK’s «close encounters» have occurred since the 1990s, followed by Manchester and Birmingham

Also featured on the top 10 list were Bristol, Glasgow, Hull, Cardiff, Liverpool – and Boston, Lincolnshire.

The report used data collected from 1998 to 2019 by the National UFO Reporting Centre in the United States.

Founded in 1974, the group has noted reports of UFO sightings across the globe for more than four decades.

Over the past 20 years, London has been victim to 74 UFO encounters, crowning it the most «visited» area in the UK.

The UK’s capital was followed by Manchester which took the second spot with 28 sightings.

Birmingham boasted 27, while fourth-placed Bristol chalked up 12 encounters.

Bottom of the top ten list Hull came in with just nine sightings.

The report was put together by greetings card maker Thortful.

We want to make sure that this Halloween none of our customers get abducted by aliens,» a spokesperson for Thortful said.

«In 2019 alone there have been a staggering 58,551 UFO sightings.
«Now sure, this could have been one of the 10billion galaxies that fill our night sky or one of the countless stars, and let’s be honest it probably was – either that or a plane.
«But what happens if it’s not? What happens if these sightings are our alien brothers and sisters? Even worse what happens if these aliens want to finally make contact?»

The report also featured figures for the top spots for alien encounters in the United States.

California came out top, with more than 13,700 sightings since 1998.

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