HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Conspiracy theorist spots creepy ‘alien face’ in cloud pattern on NASA footage sending ET fanatics into frenzy

A BIZARRE cloud shaped like an alien’s face has been spotted by a conspiracy theorist scouring NASA footage from space.

Live video taken from the International Space Station orbiting Earth shows the other-worldly cloud pattern emerge.

ET fanatics were sent into a frenzy as the so-called «alien-reptilian» face was spotted — complete with eyes, a nose, lips and a long neck.

The creepy visage was first noticed by alien-hunter Scott C Waring.

He’s built up a fanbase of web wonks hunting for evidence of alien civilisations in the stars — and even hidden on Earth.

Among his wackiest claims was saying he’d spotted a badger on Mars.

But his latest «discovery» has led to a flood of support from like-minded supernatural sleuths.

Narrating his latest YouTube clip to tell of his find, Scott says: «It doesn’t look like it’s some illusion or psychological mistake by me.

«It looks like an actual reptilian face.

«To me, this ‘person’ is clearly another species which is mind-blowing.

«Sure, it’s in the clouds and against everything that science teaches you.

«But some of the answers are what they can’t answer yet.»


Viewers seemed not to baulk at the barmy suggestions — and instead agreed that it could be a supernatural being.

Ralph Franco wrote: «Scott I like the Reptilian cause I see each detail in the construction of the head.»

Otto Greens added: «Solid figure, good observation and take on origin.»


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