LUNAR-CY Alien technology and fossils from a BILLION years ago could be lurking on Moon, top Harvard astronomer claims

HEAPS of alien bones may be sitting on the Moon just waiting to be discovered.

That’s the bonkers claim made by one top scientist, who reckons that if extraterrestrial life ever crashed on the Moon, its remains are probably still there.

Professor Abraham Loeb, chair of astronomy at the prestigious Harvard University, says lunar missions could be vital to our search for alien life.

Its surface would perfectly preserve fossils of alien creatures from a distant star system – or even the technology they used to get here.

«It would be tantalising to find microfossils of extraterrestrial forms of life on the Moon,» Professor Loeb wrote in Scientific American on Wednesday.

«Even more exciting would be to find traces of technological equipment that crashed on the lunar surface a billion years ago, amounting to a letter from an alien civilisation saying, ‘We exist’.»

Professor Loeb, 57, has written four books and more than 700 research articles on astrophysics across a career spanning three decades.

He regularly comments on aliens and other space phenomenon, famously speculating that an interstellar object that passed through the Solar System in 2017 was an alien spacecraft.

According to the Israeli scientist, regular Moon missions – of which Nasa alone plans to launch a dozen by 2030 – could give us a solid chance of finding evidence of aliens.

With no atmosphere or geological activity like earthquakes to destroy ancient artefacts, ET fossils or technology left behind by space crashes could last thousands of years on the satellite.

Nasa also has plans to build a permanent base on the Moon starting in 2028.

Astronauts living on the outpost will drill for ice at the lunar south pole and test technology to be used for the first manned trips to Mars.

Professor Loeb urged Nasa to also look for evidence of aliens.

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