ALIEN ALERT Scientists identify four ‘K-type stars’ that could harbour alien life

LIFE outside our solar system could be around K stars, scientists reckon.

K stars are dimmer than our Sun but brighter than the faintest M Stars.

Experts say planets orbiting them are more likely to have the right conditions to harbour alien life.

Nasa planetary scientist Dr Giada Arney said four nearby K stars may be the best targets for future observations.

K stars live a very long time — 17 to 70 billion years, compared to 10 billion years for the Sun.

This would enable plenty of time for life to evolve.

We don’t have the ability to travel to planets around other stars due to their enormous distances from us.

So scientists are limited to analysing their light to search for a signal that life might be present.

Last year a M star was discovered named Trappist 1 which hosts seven Earth-size rocky planets.

But their turbulent development and stellar flares makes K stars more likely to hold the key.



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