OUT OF THIS WORLD Inside the US government’s top secret research into UFOs, wormholes and parallel universes

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has released extraordinary documents which expose some of the work carried during a top-secret project

NEW bombshell documents have emerged that offer a tantalising glimpse into the Pentagon’s real life X-files.

They shine a light on a mysterious top secret government unit which was tasked to investigate UFOs and aliens as well as other phenomena such as wormholes and parallel universes.

The docs were obtained by Nick Pope, headed up the British Government’s UFO research project for years.

They concern the work of of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which ran for five years, between 2007 and 2012.

Research interest focused on various “exotic technologies” which included invisibility cloaking, wormholes, extra dimensions, anti-gravity, warp drives and high energy laser weapons.

It is believed the £16million project produced dozens of reports and papers which are highly-classified.

The new docs, however, lift the lid a little on what’s inside.

But Mr Pope, who is now an investigative journalist specialising in the unexplained, said the exact nature of AATIP remains unclear.

He said: “It still doesn’t give us a definitive answer to the question of whether AATIP was a program looking at next-generation aerospace threats, or whether, as has been claimed, ‘foreign advanced aerospace weapon threats’ is coded language for UFOs.»

Most of their shadowy work are classified.

But the Pentagon confirmed that audio and video of two US Navy pilots chasing an unidentified flying object near San Diego was investigated as part of the program.

The footage, released in August, showed that the UFO rotated and maintained a “glowing aura”.

Mr Pope said: “Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

“What better way to hide a UFO program than by embedding it in an aerospace program, looking at the ‘unknowns’ in parallel with the more conventional threats posed by the next generation of aircraft, missiles and drones?

“While I’d seen a sanitised version of the letter’s attachment before, the list reads like science fiction in places, with its references to invisibility cloaking, anti-gravity and warp drive.

“Believers will claim this proves the government knows UFOs are extraterrestrial and that our scientists are trying to understand the technology behind them.”


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