SPACE BASE? Conspiracy theorist claims ‘alien hangar’ found hidden in mountain near Area 51 on Google Earth

A CONSPIRACY theorist has made a wild claim that there is an “alien hangar” hidden away in the Nevada mountains.

Tyler Glockner claims to have spotted three bizarre openings inside the mountains while scouring a patch of Nevada desert on Google Earth.

The mountains are close to Area 51 – a highly classified and remote detachment of the US Air Force’s Edwards Air Force Base.

Tyler posted footage of his “discovery” to his YouTube channel ‘secureteam10’ where he echoed other outlandish claims made by fellow alien conspiracist Bob Lazar.

Explaining his “findings”, Tyler claims to see “three big hangar doors” that he believes stretch “miles into the ground”.

Linking his theories to Lazar’s, he claims these new ‘hangars’ are similar to artistic illustations based on Lazar’s claims from the 1980s.

Back then, Lazar famously claimed that UFOs had been “camouflaged” into the sides of mountains at the site of the dried-out Papoose Lake – which is bizarrely the same location seen in Tyler’s video.

Elaborating on what he thinks he can see, Tyler claims that the “openings” appear to be some sort of “secret entrance into these mountains.”

The video was uploaded early in the day on December 12, 2018 and has drawn more than 30,000 YouTube views.

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