TRUTH IS OUT THERE Mysterious ‘skulls’, human figures and alien lizards among weird objects conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted on Mars

CONSPIRACY theorists claim to have photographic evidence of weird objects found on Mars — including ‘skulls’, human figures and alien lizards.

A series of pictures reveal bizarre sightings of what some believe to be lifeforms on the red planet, although many critics claim the pictures have been edited.

Many of the images can be explained by unusually shaped formations of rock appearing on the surface of Mars.

But conspiracy theorists are convinced there’s more to it.

They claim to have seen human figures, rats and even a handgun present in the pictures.

The only explanation according to the theorists is that there is alien life present on the planet.

These images have arisen after NASA recently landed their InSight spacecraft on Mars.

NASA have revealed the first set of high resolution images to be taken by the lander, the clearest they have been able to capture of the planet yet.

The breathtaking quality of the newest InSider pictures are a vast improvement from its first images, which were obscured by dust and protective covers.

The lander will soon start photographing the surface directly in front of it to give scientists an idea of where to start drilling.

By examining and mapping the interior of Mars, scientists hope to learn why the rocky planets in our solar system turned out so different and why Earth became a haven for life.


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