FLY BY NIGHT UFO mystery as eagle-eyed amateur astronomer spots speeding object whizzing past the moon

STUNNING new daylight footage accidentally caught on a powerful camera appears to show a UFO hurtling across the moon.

The mystery object seems to move across the sky at a rapid speed while changing shape before vanishing.

It was shot with a Nikon Coolpix P900 camera as the photography enthusiast was using its 83x optical zoom to see the moonscape close up.

Then out of nowhere, something resembling a metallic craft enters the frame, passing across the face of the Moon in mere moments.

It was filmed from the US city of Trenton in New Jersey and has sparked a debate among UFO buffs about what it could be.

The person filming, who asked to remain nameless, said they were fascinated by the Moon and it was «pure luck» that they were filming at that moment.

«It’s just something I’m interested in,» they said.

«We live on a giant rock ball that is being orbited by another giant rock ball that is just floating there.

«I was doing a closeup of the Moon. I typically like to zoom in on the craters and the edges of it.

«It’s pure luck that the UFO came into the picture while I was zooming in on the edges.»

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