ramatic moment US fighter jets ‘battle UFO above top-secret alien site Area 51’

DRAMATIC pictures have emerged which claim to show US fighter jets battling a UFO above “top-secret alien site” Area 51.

The images show two planes silhouetted against the bright blue sky over a patch of desert in Lincoln County, Nevada.

A third shape can be seen close by to the aircraft, but it doesn’t appear to be another jet.

The snaps were taken by UFO seekers Tim Doyle and Tracey Su, who say they camped out 12 miles from the military base.

They claim they started taking pictures after spotting the two fighters soaring above – but only noticed the third shape when they looked back at the images later.

And the pair insist the trio were involved in a “three-plane dogfight”.

Tim said: “It looks like some kind of triangular unmanned drone, because it’s definitely too small to have a person inside it.

“And after reviewing the pictures, it definitely looks as though the three crafts are interacting with each other.

“It’s like a three-plane dogfight.”

The US Air Force base, around 80 miles from Las Vegas, is thought to be used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft.

The CIA only acknowledged it existed in 2013 after a Freedom of Information request.

Many conspiracy theorists claim Area 51 has been used for reverse engineering of an alleged crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell in 1947.

A string of supposed UFO sightings in the area have fuelled these theories.

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