UFO hunters in a frenzy over bizarre alien spaceship that looks like a BOOB on Google Maps

A MYSTERIOUS UFO shaped like a BOOB has sent alien enthusiasts into a frenzy after it was spotted hovering over the Australian outback.

Aussie spaceship hunter Dean Stocks was left stunned when he spotted the busty object floating above a house on Google street view.

«I don’t believe I’ve seen a sky boob before but I’ve read about them in picture magazines,» a breathless Dean told The Daily Telegraph.

«I know all the conspirators will have their say – it will be a reflection of the Tennant Creek watertank or something like that»

Experts reckon the object — spotted above Northern Australia’s Tennant Creek — looks remarkably like a flying saucer.

But Darwin astronomer Geoff Carr claims the image was likely photoshopped.

Inquisitive Dean now plans to drive down the street where the UFO was spotted once every few weeks in case it makes a second appearance.

He added: «It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen sober.»


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