Conspiracy theorists go berserk over video of ‘UFO destroying US predator drone with energy beam’

VIRAL footage claims to show a military predator drone chasing a UFO before the alien craft fires a powerful energy beam to destroy its pursuer.

The clip, which has been viewed over 140,000 views, was supposedly handed over to a conspiracy-fuelled YouTube channel by an anonymous “government” source.

The grainy video shows a small flying object being tracked by a US military aircraft in a desert-like landscape which the poster says is “probably” in Afghanistan.

When the tiny target disappears around a corner, a quick beam of light — which could have easily been added in with a simple editing tool — appears to be fired at the drone.

The military craft appears to be scrambled after the supposed attack.

The YouTuber UFO Today claims he has attempted to verify the footage.

He wrote: “Some ex-military people told me that this footage seems genuine drone footage.”

The social media user also claims his «source» told him this attack was the «tip of the iceberg» as «there seems to be an increase of UFO’s interacting with military drone.»

Last month, a supposed UFO as bright as a «bolt of lightning» was spotted hovering over the Yorkshire Dales.

Trent Mason, 22, and Jack Holdsworth, 21, were stargazing when they saw the eerie orange object change colour and move around the sky for more than two hours.

The keen campers were positioned near the famous Ribblehead railway viaduct when they saw the orb appear.

Trent and Jack were mesmerised as the object made circular and triangular patterns in the sky and changed colour from white to orange.

Trent, from Leeds, said: «It just popped up on the horizon, then disappeared back where it came from. I wasn’t sure if I saw it but looked at Jack and his face was white.


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