Bizarre vid shows ‘alien carried away on stretcher after Roswell UFO crash’

EXTRAORDINARY footage has emerged reportedly showing an alien creature being carted away on a stretcher after the so-called Roswell UFO crash.

The grainy video is alleged to have been shot in an Area 51 hangar and apparently films an alien being taken away.

UFO conspiracy theorists claim military men and civilian scientists can be seen gathering around the humanoid type body.

The clip was recently posted to YouTube with the simple caption: “Roswell UFO crash new footage of alien body.”

In 1947, a flying saucer reportedly hurtled into the Roswell site in New Mexico – and the most famous alien legend of them all was born.

Shortly after the military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert.

The strange corpse was then pictured taken with the wreckage to the mysterious top-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada.

The closely-guarded nature of Area 51 adds to the intrigue of a site long associated with UFO conspiracy theories.


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