Mystery as bright green ‘alien spaceship’ is caught on camera zooming through the sky

A MOTORIST was left stunned when he spotted what conspiracy theorists claim is an alien spaceship in the sky.

The driver was so baffled by the mysterious object in the distance, he pulled over to get a closer look.

When he zoomed his camera in, he discovered it was bright green with a long tail.

The floating object then appeared to hurtle into space as the clip comes to an end.

The video – uploaded by UFO fanatics thirdphaseofmoon on Thursday — was filmed in California, USA.

They said: «In the beginning, I thought you may as well dismiss it as a weather balloon sighting.

«But the closer you look at it, the weather balloons don’t act this way.

«It continuously morphs and the colours are quite amazing.”

Conspiracy theorists watching the video are now convinced the object is a «flying organism».

One said: «Weather balloon? You kidding… it’s obvious that that is some thing out of this world.»

Another added: «Wow, I am speechless.”

But another said: “This is so clearly fake.”

In June, «Britain’s X-Files» revealed how a UFO was spotted on military radar for seven hours – but the RAF were “overruled at the highest level” and told to do nothing about it.

An investigation into the phenomenon was only opened after several witnesses spotted a rotating UFO in the sky over the Skegness coast.

And in April, experts revealed how Britain has been named a hotspot of alien activity.

Since the early 1900s there have been 104,947 worldwide reports of flying objects and more than a tenth of those have been in the UK, with rising numbers logged each year

Bonnybridge in Falkirk is among the best places on the planet for a close encounter, with 300 a year.

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