‘Alien tank’ spotted on the moon by UFO hunters who claim it was left behind by an extraterrestrial army

ALIEN hunters are claiming to have spotted a huge extraterrestrial «tank» on the surface of the moon.

The world famous YouTube channel SecureTeam10 has published a video that claims alien military hardware has been left on the lunar surface.

«A tank-like object has been discovered on the moon, scattered among what appears to be ruins of some sort,» SecureTeam10 said in its video.

«Now, of course, the moon is covered by rocks but when I saw this, it made my ears prick up.

«If this was a tank it would have to be ancient, which explains the weathering on this thing.»

The object could be an «odd shaped boulder», the channel continued.

It pointed out another mysterious saucer-like object taken from the same NASA photo and said it has an «almost metallic-like surface texture that is highly reflective».

SecureTeam 10 also presented various images of what appear to be tracks on the moon to back up its claim that military vehicles once sped across the lunar surface.

The channel boasts more than 785,000 subscribers and is one of the most prominent sources of conspiracy «news» on the internet.

However, it has drawn criticism from critics who believe the videos are not entirely accurate.

The channel recently claimed to have spotted an alien ship hidden a cave near the South Pole.

So what do you think of the latest «discovery»?


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