Incredible super rare UFO-shaped cloud spotted in the sky over California

A MYSTERIOUS UFO-shaped cloud has appeared over California.

Incredible pictures show the moment the clouds parted as though a spaceship was about to makes its descent into Huntingdon Beach, California.

The bizarre mile-long white cloud drifted eerily across the sky without breaking its shape before disappearing out of sight, according to witnesses.

It follows a super rare sphere-shaped ‘Death Star’ cloud spotted in the sky over Japan.
Resident Jake Epstein, 48, captured the spooky shape-shifting phenomenon during an afternoon walk last Saturday.
He said: »I just looked up and there it was out of nowhere.

»The strange thing about it was when it was moving across the sky it didn’t change shape.

»People from 50 miles away could see the same thing later in the day.

«That’s really unusual for a cloud. It looks like a UFO, an alien flying saucer in the sky.»

Cloud experts dismissed suggestions the cloud was caused by aliens — and instead said it was a rare hole punch formation or fallstreak hole.

They form when a propeller plane flies through thin vertical cloud layers causing warmer temperatures below the wings which suddenly evaporates part of the clouds, leaving a hole.

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