Aliens ‘using Planet Earth like a supermarket’, CIA contractor claims

A FORMER CIA contractor has claimed that aliens have been using Planet Earth like «a supermarket».

Ingo Swann, a researcher who worked on the intelligence agency’s top secret psychic «remote sensing» programme, was allegedly asked to try and read the minds of aliens piloting UFOs.

Richard Dolan, a UFO hunter, claimed Swann encountered an extraterrestrial craft flying over a lake in the Alaskan wilderness.

Swann and his colleague watched as a fog over the lake developed a «luminous neon-blue colour», before «a network of purple, red, and yellow lightning bolts shot in all crazy directions through the cloud».

Dolan wrote: «Swann offered the insight that the craft was ‘a drone of some kind, unmanned, controlled from somewhere else.”

He was then asked what the craft was up to.

«Swann replied: ‘Well, for chrissakes! It was thirsty!

«Taking on water, obviously. Someone, somewhere needs water…so I suppose they just come and get it.

«You don’t need to be a psychic to see that.’

«Essentially, said Swann, ‘they’ treated Earth as the neighbourhood supermarket.»

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