Alien hunters in a frenzy after ‘burning UFO’ is caught on camera flying over Lima, Peru

AN unnerving video claims to show a «burning» UFO soaring through the sky above Lima, the capital city of Peru.

The slow-moving ball of orange light can be seen flying through the dark sky in the eerie clip, before disappearing suddenly and without a trace.

Locals were reportedly baffled by the unexpected sighting, which one resident managed to film and upload to YouTube.

And many conspiracy theorists believe that the lights indicate that an alien invasion is imminent, with one viewer claiming that the orange orb is a «burning UFO.»

The Peruvian capital is known for its alien encounters, and the Star reports that this wasn’t the only unusual sighting to happen around the same time.

In other parts of the South American country, stunned residents reportedly also spotted strange lights in the sky, sparkling fears that a fleet of UFOs are heading to invade Peru.

However, there could be another, more plausible, explanation for the supernatural sightings.

Other than the theory that the light was a downed UFO crashing to Earth, some have suggested that the «UFOs» were actually high-altitude balloons launched by Google.

The firm’s Project Loon scheme aims to bring internet access to remote areas, which could explain the multiple sightings over Peru.



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