It’s like ET all over again! Live stream of space appears to show a UFO flying across the surface of the Moon

UFO enthusiasts have captured a strange flying object zooming past the Moon in this creepy footage, which could be evidence that aliens exist.

This YouTube video was shared by amateur astrologist Paul and his mate Keith, and the pair appear to have caught a UFO in action on their Moon live stream.

Posting on the Space Imaging Keith account, the pair wrote: “It’s a UFO – an unidentified flying object.

“What it is, I have no idea – but it’s not normal for us.”

However some have suggested the object, which is a small black dot, could be little more than a bug flying across the lens – or a satellite or floating balloon.

But the pair say their mission is to find the truth, and are convinced this is their first recorded sighting of a UFO.

They added: “NASA has done some brilliant things in its lifetime but there are serious questions raised whether they are telling us the whole truth about certain things.

“We have set up a growing network of telescopes and sky cams all over the world to monitor space.”

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