Horrifying moment flames shoot out of American Airlines jet engine after passengers hear ‘loud boom’

TERRIFYING footage shows flames shooting out the engine of an American Airlines plane before the aircraft were forced to make an emergency landing.

Passengers on flight 438, which was travelling from Dallas to Seattle, reportedly heard a ‘loud boom’ as fire poured out one of the turbines on the wing.

The airline has confirmed that the incident was caused by a ‘compressor stall’ but denied the engine on the Airbus 321 was on fire.

However the video, filmed by a passenger who did not want to be named, clearly shows flames comes from one of the aircraft’s turbines leaving travellers horrified.

David Magana, a spokesman for Dallas’ DFW Airport, said no one was hurt and that the plane was taxied back to the gate after returning to the travel hub.

The mid-air emergency occurred at 2,000 feet soon after the aircraft had taken off on Wednesday night local time.

The plane was carrying 130 passengers and had six crew members on-board.

Hundreds of people in Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas spotted the flaming plane in the sky and reported the problem to the police and fire departments.

A social media user called Laura tweeted: «What the hell was that? Something on fire flying through the sky? Meteor? Crashing plane?»

Another named Justin Sweeney posted: «I’m no UFO guy but this was the weirdest thing ever. Totally silent. like a plane with trailing fire streaks, gone!»


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