UFO hurtles towards an aircraft leaving a weird blue cloud formation behind

A UFO hurtling towards a plane and leaving a weird tadpole-shaped cloud behind it has been caught on camera.

The man filming the footage is clearly shocked by the bizarre sight.

He is heard commenting: “Check that out. It’s going to hit the tip of the plane.”

The camera then changes angles to show how fast the bright light it travelling across the sky.

The mysterious object was filmed at an airport in International Airport in video sharing site LiveLeak.

Not everyone believes this is an alien craft, however, and various theories emerged for freaky lights.

One viewer wrote: “Reentry of space junk on the edge of the atmosphere?”

Another added: “Looks like the Space Station capsule coming back into the atmosphere.”

And another commented: “Possible comet fragment with a high content of water and frozen gasses passing through our atmosphere displaying a dramatic bow wave of ablated material?”

Another theorist said: “It’s a rocket’s exhaust.”


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