UFO hunter left gobsmacked when he spots these mystery orbs of light flying around an erupting volcano

UFO hunters are getting overexcited about a host of mysterious lights captured on camera flying around an active volcano,

The numerous glowing orbs were caught on CCTV darting around the summit of

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

They were filmed by permanent cameras trained on the mountain, by the company  Webcams de Mexico, which look for signs of eruptions.

But it was posted by UFO hunter Scott Waring – who saw the footage as evidence of alien activity.

He wrote on his UFO sightings website: “I have been watching this volcano for over five years and have caught a few UFOs here and there, but this is the most extraordinary video.

“I have seen such a UFO before on this cam, but it was alone. Here we see over 10 of them flying around.”

The camera is set up in infrared mode, meaning it can pick up things that the human eye would miss.

However, some believe there is another explanation for the ten or more flying lights.

Scott Brando, a forensic UFO investigator, claims the mysterious orbs are actually specks of dust.

He said: “It’s a night-vision/infrared webcam, so it’s more sensitive to small light sources or bugs crossing the camera lens.

“For example, dust by eruption causes the same effect.”

It’s not the first time UFO enthusiasts have spotted activity around the active volcano.

A disc shaped object was seen hovering around the summit earlier this year.

In May another strange  light was filmed flying into the erupting crater.

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