Flying saucer-shaped cloud sparks fears UFOs are hiding high above us in the skies over Europe

CONSPIRACY theorists believe that this video shows a dense cloud hiding an alien spacecraft.

In the bizarre footage, the rectangular object slowly moves through the sky.

Extra-terrestrial enthusiast Scott Wareing has posted the video onto his space UFO spotting blog, claiming that the clip is proof of alien life.

Reporting on UFO Sightings Daily, he insisted that the cloud hovering above Belgium is a “weird, giant saucer”.

Space geek Scott said: «It is a well known fact that not only do UFOs hide in clouds, but they actually create the cloud around them.

“The 1957 Fort Belvoir, Virginia, incident is an example of this. Back then a soldier took photos of a black UFO ring that headed over the base, but change from a ring to a disk cloud in just under a minute.»

Since the strange footage was posted onto YouTube two days ago, it’s racked up over 2,100 views.

Strangely, it seems that some commenters are convinced by the clip.

One viewer remarked: “Great sighting, keep looking for them, be aware.”

Another added: “Bizarre not normal, true extra-terrestrial hidden in cloud.”

Despite this, not everyone was convinced that the video proved that aliens exist.

A sceptical commenter said: “Lame. It’s called a cumulonimbus.

“They often have flat tops and often look like anvils

It’s not the first time that ‘evidence’ of aliens has emerged on the internet this year.

Last month, tourists spotted a painting which dates back to the 17th century, and could be the very first depiction of a UFO.

The 400-year work housed in the Monastery Church in the Medieval Citadel in Sighisoara, Transylvania has left visitors scratching their heads.

The wall painting of a house surrounded by a thunderous sky features a mysterious disk object.

The flying saucer-like object is seen spinning down, with what could be a long exhaust fume.

The caption at the bottom of the painting reads: “Israel, put your hope in the Lord.”

Fans of the supernatural are claiming that this mysterious painting could show an alien space ship.

But the manager of the history museum in Sighisoara thinks that the suspicious object is not a UFO.

He says that it depicts old testament prophet Elijah going to heaven.

Nicolae Tescula said: “The church is Evangelical and the image has a secondary role or is less representative.

“Indeed, there is a painting in the sacristy of the church with a religious scene that represents a cloud – perhaps Elijah’s assumption to Heaven – which looks like a dome, but can lead to a more modern representation that might make us think of a UFO.»

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