Ayrshire town revealed as UFO hotspot after sightings at Prestwick Airport

All eyes were on Area 51 last week — but would those eyes have been better placed in Prestwick?

Conspiracy theorists say the site in the deserts of Nevada is home to wreckage from downed alien spaceships.

In June a plan to storm the military base last week raked in more the TWO MILLION signatures on Facebook.

But following up on a tip from a reliable source we decided to go alien hunting at Prestwick Airport instead.

A list of Scotland’s strangest UFO sightings was compiled by top Glasgow attraction Inflata Nation, as they prepare to launch an Alien Takeover-themed event at their indoor inflatable theme park during the October holidays.

And when it comes to high strangeness, these encounters give any Nessie sighting a run for its money.

Founder Matt Ball said: “When you think of strange sightings in Scotland, you immediately think of Loch Ness.

“And the recent Storm Loch Ness monster hunt, another Facebook event similar to Storm Area 51, proves how popular that myth still is.

“But if you really want to see something odd, you should be looking at Scotland’s skies, not its bodies of water.”

They backed up that bold statement with reference to sightings in Falkirk, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston and Ayrshire.

And it turns out Prestwick Airport isn’t just used by sun-seeking tourists.

In fact, with so little flights these days, the airport seems to be a much more popular jumping-off point for UFOs.

In 2010, the Ministry of Defence released a series of files which documented a strange encounter at the airport in February 1999.

The traffic controller there tracked a fast-moving and unexplained UFO on the airport radar, sparking a flurry of activity. The RAF air defence staff launched an urgent investigation and impounded radar tapes. But the report concluded that no additional evidence could be found to corroborate the so-called ‘Prestwick incident’.

And that’s not all.

In August 2003, a member of the public in West Kilbride wrote to the Ministry of Defence to report an object harassing a plane near Prestwick Airport.

The eyewitness said they saw “a fluorescent green UFO, saucer shaped. The pilot could not have missed it as it was level with the plane but say 50 feet away to its left as they passed each other. The UFO started to tilt slowly downwards.”

Once again, a report was filed on the incident by the MoD…

Now the cynics among you would argue that it’s easy to spot a flying object near an airport.

And I’d struggle to argue with that considering the closest I came to spotting an unidentified flying object turned out to be a dive-bombing seagull.

But who’s to say they aren’t hiding those pesky aliens in the ghost town that is the empty airport. There’s only one way to find out — I say we storm it.


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