UFO spotted above Amazon rainforest beams line of lights on satellite

THE UFO appears to show shiny orbs sticking out amongst the trees and alien fanatics have declared it a sign of a giant spaceship.

AN unidentified object has been spotted on satellite deep in the Amazon rainforest, which viewers have deemed evidence of an alien spaceship .

The strange object appears to be hidden within the trees, but is just visible on satellite imagery.

Tyler, from US based UFO investigators Secure Team 10 explains that a ‘cigar-shaped’ line of lights or ‘shiny orbs’ have been spotted by a viewer searching through Google Maps.
The astonishing object, which does not appear to blend it with its surroundings, allegedly lies in the Brazilian state of Rondonia, located in the north-western part of the country.

Tyler says: «There’s nothing around this area. It’s just miles and miles of trees.

«And you can see how massive these objects are compared to the trees around them.»
Tyler says the Amazon rainforest is often associated with UFO sightings, including the discovery of ‘earthen rings’ which appear to pre-date the rainforest itself, according to a new study.

The circular shaped ditches are still unexplained to this day.

The footage, which has been uploaded to Secure Team’s YouTube channel, has had more than 11,300 views since April 20.


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