UFO over Bonny Banks? Watch bright object filmed hovering above trees in Loch Lomond

THE film, captured in Kinlochard in the Trossachs, shows a bright white object hovering above trees and hills for around 15 minutes.

UFO enthusiasts have taken to the web to discuss a «mysterious» bright object which appeared to hover above Loch Lomond.

The video, which was uploaded on to YouTube last week by Tom Hall, shows a bright white light moving very slowly above the treeline and hills for around 15 minutes.

The bright object can be seen hovering above the horizon before slowly descending towards the right.

Tom, who captured the light in Kinlochard in the Trossachs, said he didn’t believe the object to be a plane, helicopter or a Chinese lantern and there was no noise throughout the encounter.

Police Scotland and the local coastguard claimed to have no record of any aircraft in the area at the time and it didn’t appear to be a meteorological phenomenon.

The most widely suggested theory however is that the object is actually nothing more than the planet Venus which currently appears very bright and low down in the sky.


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