Alien hunters claim to spot massive UFO ‘sucking energy from the Sun’

UFO hunters have seized on new footage from NASA cameras showing what appears to be a mysterious spherical object attaching itself to the sun

A strange glowing orb has been captured on camera floating around the sun — with UFO hunters claiming it is further proof of aliens.

Footage taken from NASA’s helioviewer has been seized on by conspiracy theorists who believe recent images show a mysterious spherical object sucking rays from the earth’s primary energy source.

UFO hunter Tyler Glockner, who runs YouTube channel Secure Team 10 , claimed the video shows a ball 100 times times the size of earth attaching itself to the sun before flying off.

He compared the footage to similar pictures taken in 2012, which he asserts showed a similar dome «sucking off plasma from the sun, before finally detaching a flying away».

«I take their word over everybody else’s,» he adds.

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«Magnetic bands do not form in a perfect sphere, which then seems to suck other plasma from the sun and then detaches and flies away out into space,» he says.

As ever, the video has divided believers and sceptics.

One commentator wrote: «‘science friends’ sounds legit guys,» while another said: «Can we get something a wee bit more solid.»

But YouTube user Tryler hit back by saying: «Saying Aliens don’t exist is like scooping a cup of water out of the ocean getting no fish and then saying well guess fish don’t exist.»


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