Third of Brits believe aliens live among us & government is withholding information EXCLUSIVE

A THIRD of people are convinced extraterrestrials are living among us, a poll reveals.

And nearly as many reckon the Government is withholding secret UFO statistics from the public.

Almost one in seven think aliens like E.T. in the 1982 movie will take over the planet by 2040.

One in nine say they have seen a UFO.

Former Ministry of Defence civil servant Nick Pope, who handled reports of aliens, predicts hard evidence will emerge this year.

He told The Sun: “2021’s going to be a big year for UFO stories particularly with the US Department of Defense due to reveal information.

«This survey demonstrates beliefs in UFOs and the extraterrestrial are widespread.”

More than a quarter think the UK should have a military plan ready for an alien invasion, according to the survey by OnePoll to mark Blaze TV’s extraterrestrial week.



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