Wild footage has UFO-lovers convinced they’ve spotted alien spaceship over Arizona desert

A COUPLE traveling through the Arizona desert on Monday claim they were followed along more than 100 miles of their journey by a UFO.

Kristian Noel, 50, and Kelly Dees, 49, filmed unnerving footage showing a black object as large as «a truck» floating in the skies in broad daylight.

The wild video shows the object remained motionless as the couple filmed while on a road trip to California.

The UFO-believers said they first saw the object at around 7.15am that morning, as they drove through the town of Gila Bend, Arizona.

The couple finally began to film the strange sight after traveling another 116 miles to the city of Yuma.

«To the right here, right outside of Yuma,» Dees says as she films the potential UFO in the distance.

The couple rejects any suggestion that the unusual sighting could have been a blimp or another kind of aircraft.

“It didn’t move like a helicopter or an airplane would,” said Noel. “It just stayed stationary in the sky, high above the mountains.»

Noel, a cable TV lineman, remains convinced that the strange object must have been an extraterrestrial as it was also too large to be a drone.

“It was too far away, too high up and too large to be a drone. It was probably the size of a truck up in the sky,» he added.

Yet the couple claimed that they were not afraid of an alien abduction, joking that the spaceship was «too far away» to beam them up.

Noel also noted how Arizona, and neighboring state Nevada, are «notorious for UFO sightings».

One of the most famous UFO sightings in history, known as the Phoenix Lights, occurred in the area in 1997.

Over a two-month period, thousands of people claimed to have spotted UFOs over a 300-mile radius from Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona.

Just last month, UFO-fever hit the region again after an American Airlines pilot flying to Phoenix reported an encounter with an extraterrestrial.

The pilot claimed to have seen a long cylindrical object similar to a cruise missile fly over the passenger jet.

In 2019, the US Navy also admitted that videos showing three encounters between warplanes and «unidentified aerial phenomena» were real.

It emerged that top US politicians had been given a secret briefing about the encounters.


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