Scots UFO expert to share Scottish mysteries on American TV show

Ron Halliday, a leading expert in UFO sighting, is to take to the air in America to detail some of Scotland’s top unanswered mysteries.

A Bridge of Allan author is to take part in a TV documentary to be shown in America on Scottish UFO encounters.

Ron Halliday is one of the UK’s leading experts on UFO and paranormal sightings.

The author who has several books on Scotland’s UFO sightings said: “The programme is intended initially for the USA and I’m delighted that many amazing UFO incidents from our area and beyond will be broadcast to an American audience.

“The fact that Scotland is recognised across the world as a UFO hotspot has encouraged the production of what will be a fascinating documentary.”

Mr Halliday has penned several books, including ‘UFO Scotland’, ‘UFOs: the Scottish Dimension’, ‘Scotland’s X-Files’ and most recently ‘Alien Spirits?’.

Stirlingshire has become a UFO sighting hotspot with numerous reported sightings in recent years.

In November last year, one resident claims to have witnessed a “strange moving object” in the early hours of the morning.

The woman contacted the Observer to detail her account of the sighting at around 3.30am on Tuesday, November 3. She said that the craft made no noise and went from being stationery to moving off at high speed whilst also hovering over Stirling Bridge.

In September last year, the Observer told how a Dunblane man claimed to have come into close contact with a UFO in the town in a late-night encounter.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, said that he was awoken in the dead of night by a bright, glowing light shining in his bedroom window at around 2am around eight years previously. He spotted a bright white ball of light, which measured about 15 feet across. The object made a low humming noise before slowly moving off in the direction of Doune.

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In October 2019, we told how a database compiled by UFO enthusiasts had received a reported sighting of mysterious ‘white glowing balls’ in the sky above Stirling.

One eagle-eyed UFO hunter claimed to have seen the strange phenomenon on the evening of Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

In June 2017, we told how a Bannockburn woman who spotted a UFO flying over the town said she had been left unable to sleep at night. The eagle-eyed stargazer spotted the unfamiliar craft hovering between houses in March that year and reported it to MUFON – an online database of sightings around the world.
The 42-year-old detailed her jaw-dropping sighting in the Hillpark area of the town. She described the “spaceship” as being about 20 feet away from her and that it was about 100 feet in diameter. She could see that it had windows and had red flashing lights and was a circular shape and featured symbols which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In September 2018 a video surfaced online apparently showing an unidentified object on fire and in distress in the skies above Kippen.


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