WHAT ON GOOGLE EARTH IS THAT? Alien hunters spot bus-sized spider on mysterious remote island

Read more:UFO spotters have made the astonishing claim that a gigantic bus-sized spider is lurking somewhere in the ocean.


Does this picture show a giant spider hiding on a tiny island?
Does this picture show a giant spider hiding on a tiny island?Credit: Google Earth
A close up of the spider
A close up of the spiderCredit: Google Earth
The «discovery» prompted a typically over the top statement from Scott Waring, who runs the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily.

«The crab itself looks enormous, about the size of a bus,» he wrote.

«This is an awesome discovery and just goes to prove that scientists don’t have the slightest clue about the hidden giant species that exist in the oceans of the world.

«At this size, it would devour an entire person to satisfy its hunger.

«So watch out for this giant spider when you are on your next fishing trip and be aware: you may be the next catch.»

However, there are reasons to be doubtful about the sighting.


At the time of writing, no coordinates have been posted.

It is not known what caused the spider to be seen on Google Earth or whether the pictures are genuine screenshots.

For the record, it is extremely unlikely that a «bus-sized» spider is lurking out there in the ocean, although we are eager to be proven wrong.


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