Bizarre bright flashes of white and red filmed in the skies over London are so mysterious, even the Met Office can’t explain it

QUITE often it’s easy to see what’s caused a so-called UFO.

It might be the weather this has created some thunderous booms, or else a trick of the light makes us see something which isn’t really there.
But the latest footage shot by an amateur in London isn’t quite so easy to pin down.

It shows the capital’s skyline being emblazoned with strange flashes of red and white line… and even the Met office has no idea what was going on.

«It isn’t overly clear what caused this due to the lack of observations from the night sky,» a spokesperson admitted.

«However, we think the most likely cause was light being reflected off the low cloud that was present on that night.»

The strange flashes were filmed from Stratford
The strange flashes were filmed from StratfordCredit: SWNS
The astounding display was caught on camera in Stratford, London, with the sky initially lit up by a kind of white light.

It makes the evening skyline alternate between looking bright and dull, but things are ramped up a notch when red light enters the mix.

Mark Torres shot the footage, and he claims the mind-blowing display went on for between two and three hours, switching between white and red the whole time.
«We have a balcony window on the side of our living room which is in front of us if we sit down on the couch,» the 37-year-old designer and model explained.

«We always see lightening and stuff, so that’s what I thought when we saw the first flash of white light.

«Then we saw red, and I thought it might be fireworks but the red stayed there.

The changing skyline went on for over two hours
The changing skyline went on for over two hoursCredit: SWNS
«I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I called my fiance to come over to the balcony and she was shocked too.

«I noticed it at around 11pm. I saw nothing was changing and it wasn’t going away so decided to film.

«I’m not sure where it was coming from. I was trying to explain it to myself — I thought it was fireworks at first.

The flashes alternated colours
The flashes alternated coloursCredit: SWNS
«Then I thought it might be coming from an arena but it wasn’t beaming up from the ground, it was horizontal. It’s a mystery.»

The footage was taken at 11pm on Monday July 4.


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