Memories of the encounter with Nordic aliens in Childhood

One day, after reading articles about possible visits to Earth by aliens, in my memory surfaced, having completely forgotten the picture of the child. Weird picture…

I was five, and I’m sitting on the field in a hut made of corn stalks. It was in Kyrgyzstan, where my parents lived. Suddenly I see over our garden near the hut drops the big ball. He fell to the ground, still plowing. Then the ball opened slice, like watermelon, down a small ladder, and a woman came out. Behind her stood a man, but he remained in the office.

«Hold out your hands», — said the woman. She was referring to a very good, young, high. Dressed as her companion, in a silvery jumpsuit that glittered in the sun, blonde hair stretches to her shoulders, blue eyes. I was sitting at the entrance to the tent, and willingly stretched out his hands. For some reason I wanted to laugh. She, too, smiled kindly. And all the more I don’t remember anything.

But mom I didn’t say anything about it. There was some feeling that maybe led to believe that is not necessary to tell.


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