Inside The Spaceship Nordic Aliens

March 1982года, Springfield, Missouri.
A local resident was driving home the car past Springfield. She was going to make a turn on the road to the right, but if the machine didn’t listen to her, and picked up speed. The sound of the engine died down and the shut down of all appliances. She did not feel the bumps in the road, the car seemed to float over the ground. She stopped in a clearing in the forest near a large aircraft in the shape of a disk with three supports at the bottom.

She got out of the car and at the behest of someone’s voice entered inside of the object. Going, it fell into a large room whose walls were silver in color, exuding a soft light. In the room there were a few creatures similar to humans. It was a man about 7 feet tall. They were slender, had blue eyes, blond hair and high cheekbones. They wore tight-fitting suits, boots and wide belt. At each breast was the emblem.

One of the men told her that they are going to do some medical tests and that they will not be painful. She lay on what sort of operating table. She remembered a burning sensation in the chest, when did injections on each side in the armpits. Then helped her to get up from the table. Talked to her through telepathy and could read her thoughts. Helped her to descend the stairs to the ground and she sat down again in his car. The alien ship rose up and disappeared behind the trees.

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