Nordic Aliens Showed The Earth After The End Of The World

«Modern UFOlogy has a lot of evidence of contact with humanoid aliens. Way of a short alien with grey skin, huge eyes on a large head for a long time became commonplace. But despite emerged in the public consciousness the idea about aliens as grey dwarfs, there are hundreds of testimonies contacts with completely different beings.»

As known from the descriptions of contactees, these creatures have human proportions, but their peculiar beauty and charm. They have classic facial features, blonde hair, bright blue eyes. They stacked perfectly and emphasize the beauty of their bodies facilitate a garment of dazzling silver fabric. According to the international classification of such beings belong to the Nordic (Northern) type.

American researcher don Worley 40 years studying cases where are the Nordic type aliens. Despite the rich archive of evidence of contact with these mysterious creatures, Worley not in a hurry to attribute them to aliens. Caution the researcher to understand, because the stories about the mysterious representatives of the Nordic tribe more closely resemble some of the mystery than familiar to readers of contact with aliens.

So, Worley is the story of Roberto Skaldi living in Virginia. When Roberto was 18 years old, his life has been an incredible event. The young man rested on a Fazenda in Brazil and often walked around the neighborhood. During one of these walks he saw a tall man approaching him, accompanied by beautiful women. Both were Golden-haired, tanned, with bright blue eyes. The man said his name is Thor and offered to follow him and his companion. When the market spoke, its lips did not move; the guy thought that the voice of the stranger sounded right in the head, causing a strange feeling of delight. Roberto hesitated whether to accept the invitation, but Thor took him by the hand, and the three of them took a few steps.

«At the same moment the whole area has changed a nightmare — remember then Roberto.
— To replace the bright glow of the midday sun went dark, the dusk blew cold penetrating wind. Rubbing his eyes, I saw a the city ruins, dark ruins, which ran along as far as the eye. And I felt that besides me and my two mysterious satellites in this terrible place there is not a single living soul.

«Where are we?» I asked, «We replied Golden-haired beauty on the earth after the end times. Here will never be the life…» On the question of when it will happen, I was told that only the Creator knows the exact time. After a few seconds I opened my eyes and found myself in one hundred meters from the Hacienda, and tor and the beautiful woman disappeared.»
Roberto is now a successful businessman, but never forgets the turmoil that is experienced from the ashes of a dead city during the mysterious meeting in Brazil.

More prolonged contact with a representative of the Nordic community was held from 22-year-old penny may, a resident of Ontario. For several years, shows a girl showing their diaries, visited her unearthly being male. His name penny did not know. But the beauty of the mysterious visitor, his blond hair and blue eyes left the girl indifferent. Now she’s a single mother, and according to her, the father of her two children is not a man.

He came to Earth with a certain mission, and the sense that she did not understand. Elect penny explained to her that his brothers live next door to mankind, but in another dimension. Often he arranged her sessions, during which the mind’s eye girls took picture of global destruction and disasters that befall the Earth in the future. «We can help people to move into our world during the end of the world-penny assured her partner, but certainly not all.»

Possible, said don Worley, a key episode that shed light on the true nature of the mysterious guests, may serve as the incident with the Argentine Carla Turner in the summer of 2004. One of the nights 40-year-old woman woke up from a strange feeling of another presence in the room. Opening her eyes, she saw a greenish light in the corner of the room; in the area of that light stood three dwarves with gray wrinkled skin and huge black eyes — just that those aliens who show up in Hollywood movies. While Charles himself considered creepy guests out of the light came a tall blond man in a tight white dress. Putting a hand on the dwarfs, he turned to the woman: «fear Not them, they’re with me.»

«Are you an angel?» — asked Carl. The man laughed: «In General Yes, but not one about which you tell in the Church.»

Modern researchers from the USA and Europe can give you hundreds of similar testimonies. After comparing all the cases, it was concluded that the representatives of the Nordic tribe are unlikely to be aliens from outer space! Deserves attention that, according to witnesses, subordinate to the «nordici» are small creatures that ufologists are traditionally considered to be aggressive aliens. Consequently, some people assume, the mystery of the Nordic visitors can be directly linked to UFOs and their crews. But perhaps all of these beings visit the Earth not from outer space but from other dimensions of our moment.

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