The Abduction Of Dionisio Lance by «Nordic Aliens»

Argentine truck driver, Dionisio lance was in the hospital in a state of amnesia. After a few days returned to him the memory and Dionisio said that happened to him that day when he went missing. He said he met with the aliens on Board their ship, where he took a blood sample.


Dionisio L.: «on the night of October 28, 1973 I sat in his truck loaded with building materials and drove them to the city of Rio Gallegos. The path was to be two days. In a way, when I stopped at the gas station, I noticed that one tire was lower than the other, I decided to check it out when you arrive in the city of Medanos (30 km), so as to spend the time I did not want. I drove 19 miles before I noticed that the wheel became very quickly lose air and quite down. I had to stop on the roadside.

It was cold outside, the clock showed 1:15 am. Around was deserted and quiet area. I’ve got the tools, Jack, keys, and began to change the tire myself.
After a while I saw a bright yellowish glow and thought it was the headlights of a large truck. I continued to repair the wheel, not paying light attention.

But soon light flooded all around and was very bright. I wanted to stand up, to look at the light source, but realized that the body does not obey me, I couldn’t move. Ablatives hard ago, I noticed an enormous object in disk form, hovering 6 feet above the ground and three humanoid beings standing under it and staring at him. He was completely paralyzed and could not even speak.

They just stood and watched me for several minutes, then one of them came and helped to stand up. I wanted to speak but could not and the language to move. Then I was approached by another tool, like a razor, took his index finger and I noticed a few drops of blood, which drew the instrument. What happened then can not remember.

Description of aliens:
According to Dionisio lance the aliens were described as the people of the Nordic type. There were two men and a woman. They all had long blond hair down to his shoulders. They were all about the same height from 1.8 – 2 metres high, dressed in tight-fitting gray suits, they wore high boots, and gloves.

The features of their faces were like people, only differed particularly high forehead and elongated slanting eyes blue. They spoke among themselves in an incomprehensible language that sounded like chirping birds.

Hypnotic regression memory:
5 Nov 1973 Minsk, Dionisio lance completed a course of hypnosis regressing to where I remembered more details of that meeting. He said that after he had taken the blood near the truck, the aliens held him on Board his ship. The room in which it started was round, he saw a woman handles a number of instruments that was similar to medical. One of the men, whom Dionisio was identified as the pilot, sitting in the front of the room in front of the panel plaboy in his hand was a lever similar to a kind of joystick. The other man watched the starry sky through a large monitor in the floor of the room.

Woman wearing the orange glove that had spikes on the palm. When she came to Dionisio, made an incision in the right temporal region. When they finished the operation, then anesthetized and healed the wound. After that I was back where I was walking several hours in a state of amnesia, I’ve not noticed the passing cars. Next he remembers was in the hospital.

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