One History of Contact with Nordic Aliens

«Four years I was silent, not because he was afraid of ridicule of others, — he wrote to me in autumn 1994. Just happened forced to reevaluate his life, to look at it with different eyes…»
Valery — a former officer of missile troops, Colonel in retirement, lovely, average height, fit, intelligent man with a clever, inquisitive eyes. He told me that he tried to write after meeting with beings from another constellation book, but the first version of the manuscript thrown in the trash: not even wrong, inadequate to his new feelings…
That’s how it was.

…Summer day, he returned to Volgograd from Saratov region, and stopped in the forest for lunch. Suddenly he was seized with an inexplicable fear. Looked around — nobody. Decided to leave this place, but the car keys in his eyes… gone! And then the head appeared the thought: «don’t worry, we won’t hurt you, just ask a few questions.» Then three meters away I saw two silhouettes.

— It was a man and a woman, no different from us — remember red. — Dressed in overalls light silver color. White skin, Golden hair, blue eyes. Both high growth 190-200 centimeters. They smiled pleasantly. I could not help admiring a woman, because she was very beautiful and slender. Beautiful was the man. Both of 20-25 years.
They had a dialogue, and Valery spoke aloud, and strangers broadcast thought him right in the head.

Their ship discoid, the team consists of six people, intermediate base on the moon. They live in another dimension, but I learned to move from measurement to measurement. According to them, in each dimension there is a reasonable civilization, often do not like each other. Among them are civilization-the aggressors, and there are intellectuals, thanks to which the universe is and avoid accidents. The earth civilization, in their opinion, quite retarded development. The aliens are studying the human activity on the planet, without interfering in the event.
No experiments on people, they don’t spend, people do not kidnap is strictly prohibited by the Council, although there is a VC who practice this with people. Official recognition of the earth’s civilization, sharing her scientific information, as well as its inclusion in the Ring of the Mind is not yet allowed because of the aggressiveness of humanity.

According to them, humans have chosen the polluting path of development and, thus, kill yourself. All the good that was given to us from outside, we used mainly for the preparation and conduct of war. If we are going at the same pace to continue habitat destruction, doomed to destruction.
Krasnov had another meeting with these creatures, and he is confident in their reality no less than reality of human society.

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