A Few Stories Of Eyewitnesses Nordic Aliens

Nordic aliens

1) Eunice N. from the Samarkand region have attracted the aliens. For three weeks they visited daily by a girl. Their first visit took place in September 1990. Eunice, tells how he woke up from the malaise and decided to walk around the house. Suddenly she was blinded by a bright beam, and she saw overhead a glowing ball. Someone called her on the roof of the house stood two creatures in silver coveralls. Eunice, she does not remember what was close to them.
The aliens had a long conversation with a girl and she predicted a happy future, and promised often to come to her.
Eunice told their parents about the incident, but they did not attach any importance to this, thinking that all this is the figment of the imagination, daughter. However, the visits of intruders continued. If so Ainico not feared, but rather was waiting for them. One of these encounters, the aliens invited, Eunice to fly with him, but she refused. At other times declared that it will not give, and offered their friendship. Parents forbade the girl to meet aliens, but then at night in the house began to happen that something was wrong. At this time, Eunice heard the name of her new friends. Residents Nimani say that unidentified flying objects appear over the village quite often…»

2) It was in 1981, in late November. I then worked in the shop… out on the porch, looked up and suddenly on the hill noticed a light green glow. It was on the side of the mountain and it was brighter than the Northern lights… on the hill Suddenly came the «big plate». She stopped at the edge of the mountain. Then she separated from her two figures (like people), apparently, small in stature. Moved away from the «plates» on a small — twenty meters — distance, and one of them bent down. This was evident on a background of green glow. Then two minutes they stood, turned and went back to «plate». She barely peered over the hill and went rapidly in the direction in which it appeared. And immediately the glow disappeared…»

3) Whitley S. says that once he woke up and saw near the bed a strange creature that resembled a woman. She ruled the Very movements, and somehow forced him to «swim» out of bed by air. «When I went the legs, then moved in the usual way. But once stopped, began to sail through the air. I felt her pushing me back…I had no control over his movements. Not I moved, and moved me. But I could move.»
At first he felt it move in his own house, which looked perfectly ordinary. A very even grabbed caught him on the way his cat Sadie to make sure that it is not a dream. However, when they reached the front door, he moved to another state:
«We are again moved, but this time I was in a completely different situation. I never saw anything. In front of me was shiny black. I still felt Sadie, sitting on my hands, and rejoiced that she was with me. The next thing I knew, I was standing in a room. It was a normal room. I was in front of a large simple Desk.
The room was attended by three beings: an ordinary-looking woman, fair-haired man of six and a half feet tall, dressed in overalls parachutist, and a certain person with a long face, round black eyes and a wig, «like an alien from another world. Then I remember no more.»


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