Meeting with Nordic Aliens. Yaroslavl oblast, Russia

This meeting occurred in March 1981 in the village of Borok of the Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region, and its participants were leningradets Alexander K. and a local resident Vitaly Z.

In the square near the monument to Morozov because I saw emerging noiselessly on the snow 30 m from them a strange object silver in the form of a loaf with a diameter of 5-6 m with no Windows and hatches.

No «legs» or devices for landing the object I had not noticed. Then this object is opened, the wedge, and from it appeared two slender, beautiful creatures, all people with blond hair.
Somehow they came to me on distance of 3-4 m. In this case, I felt awful, I was in a sort of stupor. From the costumes of these creatures emanated a slight glow. The costumes of the creatures were all as coveralls and gleamed.

Then I heard some phrase in a strange language, but understood the meaning of these sounds: «don’t worry, we won’t do you no harm». Further, these sounds flowed from one of the creatures, and, surprisingly, I understood them and they understood me.
What did they ask about me, I can not remember. Then, shortly after the incident, something to remember, but not now. I only remember that it was questions and answers, and I answered something conscious. The only thing I vaguely remember is their explanation of where they came from. It was about three stars, which came straight lines crossed at one point… the Whole conversation lasted about 8-10 minutes.
Then they withdrew to the object, he again closed and disappeared immediately. I raised my head and saw him high above the forest. Then he disappeared and there…


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