Tessa [last name withheld] was taking photographs and a video of her friend on top of a parking garage in Naples, Florida.1  Naples is on the coast of west Florida and the photography was taken at sunset. While watching the video of a young man standing on the roof, one can barely make out an object in the distance as it were ascending at about a 45° angle.  It is barely visible as it emerges from behind his head and gracefully ascends until it is out of sight.

Tessa described the object as a “disc”, over 500 feet in altitude and at a distance of over one mile.  She said there was no sound or emissions and suggested that the object was between 30 feet to 100 feet in diameter. If it’s a mechanical device, the object appears to have a light-green exterior light on its left side and a pinkish-white exterior light on the right side.  The surfaces appear to be black on top and grey below.

Alternatively, if it’s natural, this could be a seagull or other bird.  Gulls are typically grey on the bottom, black or dark grey of top with black and grey wings.  The “white light” on the right may be its neck and underparts and the “green light” on the left side may be its two webbed feet.  The black parts on both the top and bottom may be its wings.  For example, this might be a Great Black-backed Gull.
For example, in Case 112116, four, long-distance photographs were taken near Sacramento, California, of a shape-shifting “sphere”.  The photographer exclaimed that, “I also have taken pictures of clouds and these spheres have appeared in some of my pictures.”  The “sphere”, at least for this writer, was a California Gull flying towards the camera.  In another photo, it became obvious that it was a gull ascending into the sky. California Gulls are frequently sighted in the Sacramento region.


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