Green-colored UFO Videotaped over Nunn, Colorado

Nunn, Colorado — 08-20-17 — I was setting up to record the eclipse of the sun for tomorrow 170821 when I cough a circle object next to the Sun on 170820 at 11:20 am.

At first I thought it was the reflection of the sun off my camera lens and i was seeing a smaller sun but I decided to experiment a little to make sure so I took 9 videos in short breaks between to see if the object would move and it did!

At first I thought it was the Moon that I caught on video. I was using my Z740 Cell-phone Camera with a number 12 welding glass plate for welding to record the eclipse with.

I clip number 4 I rotated the camera 90 degrees and the object was not a reflection or it would have moved!

In clip 8 the sun was behind a cloud but the planet or ship wasn’t! The Sun was out of focus due to the clouds but the ship/planet wasn’t!

In Clip 9 it was gone! If you check the time stamps that are on each clip you can see the order.

The only problem I had was that my Z740 would record the videos at different position like in one clip the Planet/Ship would be at the top and next it was at the right. Not sure why that happened? can you please tell me what I’m looking at to put my mind at ease?


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