Did An American Submarine Capture A UFO In 1971?

As much as we may want to believe, it’s difficult to trust alleged UFO sightings. If nothing else, the photographic “evidence” is often too small and grainy, and the images that are clear always turn out to be hoaxes.

What makes the story below so remarkable is how believable the images are. And even if they aren’t depicting UFOs, well… the truth may be even more strange than you think.

In 1971, USS Trepang, an American Navy submarine, was on a voyage in the Arctic Ocean. It was supposed to be testing its weapons under the ice caps.

An anonymous source claims that Klika was looking through the periscope when he saw an unusual object flying overhead. What did he see? It would be 40 years before that question was answered, startling people around the globe.

In 2015, the French publication Top Secret printed these images in an article, claiming that an anonymous source provided the photos.

There was very little information provided beyond the photographs themselves, although some were officially marked “not to be released” and “Unauthorized Disclosure Subject.”


Photo of UFO taken from Submarine
Photo of UFO taken from Submarine
Photo of UFO taken from Submarine
Photo of UFO taken from Submarine


Despite the warnings, Top Secret printed 11 of the pictures, each one showing what appears to be some sort of massive object hovering over and possibly crashing into water.The Top Secret writer, confident that it was a UFO, wrote: “On this photo, we identify without a doubt a triangular-shaped UFO.”


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