Alleged Roswell «Alien Stone» Inspires Conspiracy Theorists

By Guy Birchall

The stone, found in the New Mexico desert in 2004, displays a bizarre pattern and allegedly otherworldly magnetic properties. A BIZARRE object dubbed the Roswell Rock has continued to spark conspiracy theories 13 years on from its discovery.

The «Roswell Rock» has been discussed in conspiratorial circles again following an online video.

It was unearthed near the site of the alleged Roswell UFO crash site in the same state. Discussion of the “extraterrestrial” pebble has bubbled up again after Tyler Glockner, founder of the website Secure Team 10, made a video discussing where it came from.

The alien hunter said: “It was discovered back in 2004, sticking out of the dirt in Roswell, New Mexico, in a basically barren, empty area of desert close to where the infamous Roswell crash occurred.”

Some believe the stone was left behind by aliens following the Roswell crash.

“The rock was very smooth, rounded, and it contained these mysterious symbols that looked to show almost what looks like a lunar cycle of the Moon.

«This rock – which is said to hold some very mysterious powers, was actually left behind by a previous alien visitation, and that the Roswell crash was what occurred when these aliens had come back to Earth to retrieve the mystery rock.”


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