Alien Abduction Reported to UFO Casebook

Sent to the UFO Casebook:

Hello, I was wondering if you had seen these kind of bruise-markings on other people who think or know they’ve had alien contact?

Thank you,


I replied:

What you are showing me are a little bit different than others. They are strange; do you remember anything happening the night before?

Her reply:

Hello, yes, I was in and out of conscious-sleep. But wasn’t waking up enough to grasp my surroundings or sit myself up to stop it. I don’t sleep much, I’m an insomniac.

But I could feel in my sleep, a child, although I did not see it, being pulled from my stomach with the use of a laser to cut into my stomach. There was no noise; the room was so bright and white. I was on a reclining chair/bed of some sort. Half reclined.

I was calm; even though I was unaware I was pregnant up until that point. I kept thinking to myself about the healing process after and weeks of bleeding etc.

When I woke up, I had the worst internal pains; it felt like the worst period ever. Not much less in pain than after the birth of my children.

I slept last night 03:00-06:30, the first time since the night when the bruises appeared.

I could feel a laser cutting across the bottom of my stomach. The pain was agonizing would jolt with the pain and seem to regain enough consciousness to half-awake myself enough to try and move to try and stop the pain. Then I would lose it again and I could feel the muscles being lasered and the laser healing me inside. But the pain to do it was so bad. I awoke though and the previous pains have gone.

I had my first sighting of a UFO and the beings that departed the craft, on June 10th 1994, when I was 7 and a half.

The being looked at me through the trees, behind the stream and up to the window of the first floor flat. I was peaking from below the window sill once other people started arriving exceptionally quick from vehicles. I was scared of the men or women seeing me and getting me, although they may have found it hard through the trees and dark to see me.

The being seemed to look straight through it all, and we held eye contact, before they moved very quickly back to the glowing globe-shaped craft.



Marks from Alien Abduction Marks from Alien Abduction

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