Policemen Encounter UFOs/Aliens over Issaquah, Washington, 1989

A big thanks to my friend David Garrison at Openline Paranormal News for sending me this great report.

Issaquah, Washington — 1989

Seeing this video prompted a dear friend I have known for over 10 years, from the old AOL Chat room days, to share with me an extremely Unusual Encounter he had when still on the Police Force.

«Witness to the Unknown»

«This story begins on a cool summer night in the city of Issaquah WA in the year of 1989. I was a patrol Sgt. On night shift with a squad of four officers.

The night had been uneventful until approximately 3 am. Myself and an officer I will identify as John, responded to an alarm at a business located in an exclusive shopping area know as Gilman Village. It is made up of older homes and buildings that were moved into an area near Issaquah Creek connected by a wooden walkway.

Gilman Village is a very popular shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. I as a police officer enjoyed walking through the complex while working night shift for the exercise and to window shop at the many interesting stores.

Receiving alarms at the different businesses throughout Gilman was common and most of the time uneventful but on this particular night there was nothing common or uneventful about it.

John and I responded to the alarm at a business which was then called the “Levi Coat Factory.” We performed an outer perimeter check of the building and found it to be secure. Dispatch made phone contact with the owner who declined to respond to allow us to check the interior of the building.

John and I returned to the parking lot located on the northwest side of the complex. This is the area where we had parked our patrol units. John and I stood outside and carried on a conversation in the dimly lit parking lot approximately 60 to 70 feet away from the buildings in that portion of the village.

The buildings were to my left and to John’s right. Both of us noticed an unusual movement near the eaves of one of the buildings. It was a ball of light about the size of a cantaloupe moving slowly from left to right following the area just below the eaves.

The light was very intense. We stared at the light until it disappeared around the south side of the building. Goosebumps prevailed. Officer John and I looked at each other eyes wide open, each asking at the same time, “Did you see that?”

What we had seen was strange enough but nothing compared to what we were about to witness. While we stood and talked about the strange event, our eyes were once again drawn to the Northwest corner of the same building only this time it was the lower corner.

A perfect ball of very intense light approximately one foot off the ground floated around the corner. The ball was about four feet in diameter and once again a perfect sphere.

The thing that made me speechless was what I had seen inside the sphere. Walking upright was, for the lack of any other word, a creature.

The arms swung back and forth and the hands were turned with its fingers pointed to the rear. As the sphere progressed along the side of the building, it went behind bushes that grew in between the sphere and the parking lot. The light was visible through the openings of the bush and it was very clear that it was not being projected.

As I recall, at least a full three minutes past before either John or I could speak. To put it lightly we were terrorized by the unknown. This event changed the way I think and look at stories by others claiming encounters with the unknown. John and I never spoke about the event until 2010.»

Randy J. Cole

Additional info:

«After my guest spots on Josh P Warren’s program “Speaking of Strange,” in December of 2009 and January of 2010, I was compelled to attempt contact with the officer that was with me on the night of the incident. I was able to locate John via Facebook. Which led to a phone call to John’s home in Minnesota. John and I discussed the incident and I asked him if he could describe to me what he had seen on that night in Gilman Village. John was able to describe the incident which was exactly the same thing I had witnessed that night. This includes the description of the humanoid walking inside the orb. This was the first time we had ever talked about the it and John commented that I had no idea how much of an affect it had on him.»

thanks to David


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