Slovakian Police Capture UFOs on Camera

A massive UFO formation was captured on video by Slovakian Police on April 28, 2009.

According to the Slovak TV Markiza:

After many calls from the public were received about 19 unknown flying objects in the night skies, Police in Mestska responded.

According to one policeman:

«We watched these objects at an angle of 45 degrees. I took a camera and filmed them. They appeared as big flaming balls.» «Naturally, I cannot determine a distance, but that airplane blinked and we heard it, and it was under them.»

A local news reporter added:

«The videorecording was viewed also at a Slovak meteorologic institute in Bratislava, and they do not know how to explain the objects. But Ufologists believe they know.»

A meteorologist added: «I can say that the visible phenomena are not connected with a weather condition. That night was clear weather, temperature cca 12 deg. C., with light wind in Trencin. There was nothing present that would have attributed to some optical phenomena.»

A Ufologist simply stated: «It is UFO.»

The newsman added:

«Objects was changing formations and disappeared soon. At first sight it seemed like a constellation, but Ufologist deny it.»

Ufologist added:

«Stars being filmed at night create a certain spectrum around them.»

Another policeman remarked:

«In comparison, they were much bigger than stars.»


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