UFO Night Sighting from Ship on Timor Sea

I would like to submit the following sighting of an object at night over the Timor Sea. Perhaps there is a known explanation (e.g. space re-entry) in which case I would like to know, or maybe there is another sighting of a similar object on that night?

Date & time: 6 September 2010 at 0215hrs (05-09-2010/ 1645hrs UTC).

Position: Latitude 11 degrees 26.5′ South; 128 degrees 09.8′ East.

Ship heading 107 (T) at 12 knots.

The object appeared to be a lozenge-shaped, bright orange light — possibly made up of a row of bright lights, with a slight, silvery tail that tapered to a point approximately 6 times the length of the object.

The object appeared ahead of the ship at about 45 degrees on the starboard bow, and crossed ahead (right to left) to disappear behind cloud at about 60 degrees on the port bow. i.e. it was travelling more or less from south to north. The object appeared to travel in a straight horizontal path, at an elevation of about 40 degrees abouve the horizon.

The sighting lasted for about ten seconds, and the object was travelling VERY fast!!

Possible explanations:

Meteor: I have seen many of these all over the world, some quite spectacular, but nothing like this.

Space debris re-entry: Again I have seen these several times, and this did not seem to fit the normal pattern, though I think this would be the nearest possibility.

Naval exercises taking place in the area at the time: Yes there were, but what could it have been?

Aircraft: Too fast by far unless it was very close in which case I should think I would have heard it.

Missile: Possibly, but again too fast even for a cruise missile, I think, and most other missiles have a trajectory.

Perhaps you guys can offer an explanation?

Kind regards,

Roger Corbett

Note: The Timor Sea (Indonesian: Laut Timor; Portuguese: Mar Timor) is a relatively shallow sea bounded to the north by the island of Timor, to the east by the Arafura Sea, to the south by Australia and to the west by the Indian Ocean.

The sea contains a number of reefs, uninhabited islands and significant hydrocarbon reserves. International disputes emerged after the reserves were discovered resulting in the signing of the Timor Sea Treaty. The Timor Sea was hit by a large oil spill in 2009.( wikipedia)

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